Project Description

Built in the modern, ‘flat’ design we see in website design today, we focused on primary colours to identify the different parts of the company services. Whist the company is a cleaning company, they wanted to promote a diverse set of products to bring another angle to ‘selling’ cleaning. The addition of gift cards used specifically as a ‘call to action’ to allow a further level of sales.

This was further developed with the Concierge service. Here we designed a logo and colour scheme, which in time will allow the company to build the business and brand this service as its own standalone business.

With the elegant, yet simple design, subtle colour-editing of images to match their respective service, readily available contact information, an abundance of call-to-actions, clever animated roll-overs, smooth scroll and image sliders, this website stands proudly ahead of its market competitors and does what a website should do. Provide business for its owner.