Which CMS? Why, WordPress of course!

The number one biggest misconception in the world (of WordPress) is that it is ‘just a blogging platform’ – this notion comes from the origins of WordPress. The software started out as a blogging platform back in 2003 but has had substantial growth since then by a strong community of developers who have turned it into one of the most powerful and fully functioning CMS’s around.

Powering over 20% of the whole internet, WordPress is trusted by millions of companies worldwide, including: Disney, Facebook, eBay, Sony and even Google it’s self.

But it isn’t just for big businesses – millions of small businesses worldwide are already benefiting from the power of WordPress.

It’s popularity stems from two key factors – its versatility and usability. WordPress is versatile enough for developers to build whatever they can imagine and easy enough to use that business owners can make updates their self.

Using WordPress is a win-win for developers and clients alike.

But that’s not all…

WordPress doesn’t cost a penny to use

A general rule is that great software good doesn’t usually come without a hefty cost… However, WordPress is the exception to that rule. Anybody, anywhere can use WordPress for free, there are no monthly payments or even one off payments. This is because developers who love WordPress as much as we do kindly donate their time to help the CMS stay at the top of its game and continue to grow more powerful with every update.

Outrank your competitors

One of the biggest advantages WordPress has over many other systems is that it is written using high quality code known as ‘semantic mark up’ – this type of code is exactly what Google and other search engines are now focusing in on when ranking websites.

That alone plays a great part into how well a website will rank in google, but WordPress also has one of the greatest SEO plugins. The Yoast SEO plug-in offers many features that will help you rank your pages on Google, including a comprehensive content analytics tools that help advise you on how best to structure your websites content.

The best part? It’s also free.

The WordPress WYSIWYG editor is AWESOME!

The WordPress WYSIWYG editor in famous for being the Ferrari of WYSIWYG editors. From distraction free writing mode to auto embeds inside the editor, the developers of WordPress really went out their way to make this as user friendly as possible.

New users are often blown away by how easy it is to use the WYSIWYG editor. Many (myself included) state it is ‘easier to use than MS Word’.

And I’m only really touching the surface here

There’s a ton more reasons I could go on about, but I’ll leave it here for now.

If you’re going to take one thing from this blog post be it this…

99% of the time if you’re a small to medium sized business – WordPress is the CMS for you.