Project Description

This website had to appeal to a male-centric, age group-specified market. An Industry in a no-nonsense, professional, arena, with very concentrated requirements. A site visitor would require finding the product they needed, and at the same time gaining an understanding of the rich and long history Trans Tec Equipment has, as an industry leader.
We opted for a ‘call-to-action’ product field image slider designed to allow the clients to ‘click-through’ to their chosen product. With contact details readily available at all times to evoke a response.

Mobile users would find the website simple to use and easy to use and easy on the eye. We used our drop-down menu design with smooth animation, with contact details again, readily available.
The easy-to-use site administration allows the client to update their blogs, news and any additional contact with little fuss.
We have incorporated important SEO elements via category and tag management to the blogs, to help the website push its way up the search engine rankings, with industry-related content and phrases.