Project Description

Here, we create a ‘holiday-feeling’ to potential holiday-goers with stunning images of this beautiful villa in Italy. Standing out from the crowd is difficult in a plethora of villas, swimming pools and gardens images, but with careful design and by delving deeper we achieve this by not just using property images, but creating atmosphere with food, drink and places to go, images relating to the actual holiday the clients could have.

Reaction must be immediate. The landing page providing as much ‘holiday-grabbing’ information as possible without being cluttered. Our visitors can get a picture of the whole property, surrounding area, the facilities and a former holiday goer’s review within seconds, without the need to search further.

The ‘call-to-actions’ (sales-feeds) guide the visitor through the property quickly. A simple, menu to access availability, prices and contact details. The easy to read, colour-coded booking calendar and automated email to both client and company and the icons to show the property facilities.

All these features are designed to make the website both memorable and inspiring. It is naturally informative and easy to use, meaning it remains in the visitor’s mind and ensures a booking.